Visualizing data from Banque du Liban official datasets (286 datasets and counting!).

December 02, 2016

On Banque Du Liban’s website, there is a section on “Statistics and Research”. That section contains 286 datasets.

I spent some time exploring those numbers, here are some of the interesting graphs that I generated. Each graph has a link to its specific datasource in the legend. I will be publishing reproducible code that can generate those charts. Hopefully I can keep this updated.

These are numbers only, I leave you to jump to your own conclusions.

ATM withdrawal vs POS purchases by Residents

Geographical distributions of ATMs

Construction Permits

Cement Deliveries

Source: Banque du Liban - Data Series: Cement Deliveries

Data transformation

`df <- read.csv(“t51-12f.csv”)

df <- subset(df, df$in.tons != 0)

df$Period <- as.Date( df$Period, “%d/%m/%y”)

aggr <- aggregate(df$in.tons ~ format(df$Period, “%Y”), FUN = sum)

names(aggr) <- c(“Period” , “Year”)

write.csv (aggr, file= “t51-12f-annual-summary.csv”)