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DC Coder provides affordable technology to small businesses

Hello! I'm Mireille Raad. I'm a techie web developer based in DC and I work with individuals or small companies who need tailor-made technology. I have over a decade of coding experience ranging from boutique software houses to giant organizations like the World Bank.
I can build the tech tools and platforms that will give your business an edge.

Working with:


Your DC clientele will rely on the web to find you. Twenty million tourists visit DC every year. Young professionals consult their smartphones about their next meal. Having a mobile-friendly, responsive and sophisticated website matters. I can help you build it.

Boutique shops

Artisans take time and pride designing every aspect of their products and services, which deserve to be showcased on the most elegant website. I can also set up an interface that allows clients to interact with your products, pay and communicate directly with you.


To fight for your cause, you need to engage and collaborate with a diverse audience--government, donors, advocates and citizens. I have experience working with ICT4Dev platforms at the World Bank. I can help you drive that engagement.

Consultants and professionals

Your online presence needs to look as unique and sharp as your skills set. With such a competitive labor market for DC professionals, your website needs to stand out among the crowd and can give you the edge.

Local politicians

Election campaigns have to raise money, interact with constituents, have a social media presence, tell a compelling and contain a persuasive message. I can help on the technology side to make all of this happen.

Start ups

If you are just getting started with your dream business idea or launching your product, I can help you develop your online strategy. I can also advise you on technology that will save you time, money and hassle.


qoute"While at the World Bank, Mireille was an invaluable team member with an infectious passion for technology and innovation. She is a skilled problem-solver and adapts quickly to shifting priorities. It was a pleasure working with her as her Team Leader and I highly recommend her to solve your technology problems. "
Marietta Fall
Team Leader, The Worldbank
qoute If you are a small NGO like us that cannot afford, and does not need, full-time IT support, Mireille is for you. She is so skilled and versatile that she is our one-stop tech guru for design, security, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and everything else. She is responsive, honest and warm; and it has been a pleasure to work with her.
Yaxue Cao
Founder and Editor of ChinaChange.org
qouteMireille Raad has fabulous tech skills, is extremely professional and easy to work with. She listens carefully to what the client wants and gladly works until it is perfect. She offers well thought out suggestions and in the end delivers what the customer wants and needs.”
Janie Strauss
School Board Chairman, Fairfax County
qoute Working with Mireille on a meme generator was incredibly simple: She was communicative about the project, efficient in getting it done and open to changes and tweaks. Based on my first experience, I would definitely use her services again for future projects."
Ashley Nguyen
Program Officer, International Journalists' Network
qouteMireille's code constantly straddles the fine line between form and function, combining the worlds of tech and design to create the kind of software/website that's just right for your business/story. It's not exaggeration to say that Mireille makes code that makes you smile.
After having worked closely with Mireille on interactive storytelling for over two years, I know for a fact that with Mireille you receive an unrivaled degree of attention and care for your content and business, affording you code that is creative and versatile, and not only enhances your business's image, but expands its parameters. Personally, Mireille has shaken and widened my understanding of my field (non-fiction storytelling) a thousand times over with her craft.
Tamara Qiblawi
Founder, Knoozroom


I believe in the importance of using technology as a tool, and using the tool well: with as much precision and thought as it takes to design a building, with as much sensitivity and elegance as it takes to write a poem.

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